Thursday, March 29, 2007

Priscilla and Presley

'Oh dear!' exclaimed Priscilla as they made their way across the busy streets of Cape Town towards Kirstenboch National Botanical Gardens, 'all these flowers are making me sneeze.'
'We need to get back to the coast,' said Presley, worrying for his wife, who had always suffered from hayfever. 'I think the quickest way to go is via the Stellenbosch Winelands.' With true wifely faith, Priscilla followed her husband without question, even though he was leading her in completely the wrong direction. 'I think, if we are taking the short cut across their vineyard, we really ought to sample their wares,' Presley advised. 'It would be polite,' agreed Priscilla.

Some years later Presley and Priscilla woke with thumping headaches and no children. 'Where have they gone?' wailed Priscilla. 'Don't worry,' said Presley, 'I expect they'll have taken themselves off to the seaside. We'll soon catch them up.' As they approached the picturesque Simon's Town, once the British Royal Navy's base in the South Atlantic, Priscilla's ears pricked up as she heard the sound of penguin laughter. 'My children!' she squealed in delight and started to run through the town towards the Cape of Good Hope. Presley followed at a more leisurely pace, even stopping for a quick word with a friendly baboon, who warned him that the people authorities had now built a decking platform at Bouldres Beach so they could stand and watch the penguins at play. How odd, thought Presley, why would anyone want to watch penguins? All they did was stand around and take the occasional dip in the sea. However, when he finally turned into the lane that ran down to the beach, it seemed his offspring had been playing other games whilst they'd been away, for instead of the 22 children he and Priscilla had set out on their travels with, there now appeared to be at least 100. Oh well, he thought, while Papa Penguin's away, the petite penguins will play and with a proud grin, he placed an arm carefully around his wife's shoulders and settled down for the night. It was good to be home.

Priscilla and Presley apologise for the lack of photos to accompany this final part of their story due to a technical hitch.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, please write a part 3 to the story, where the penguins form a militia and start a penguin uprising, take over South Africa and force the people to preform for fish.

I would love to see that (of course, I'd come disguised as a penguin. I'm pitiful with tricks, and have never been partial to raw fish).

1:33 am  
Blogger Eva said...

Annie, did you by any chance fall prey to a bout of hay fever while in South Africa, not to mention many a vineyard?

I'm glad P&P's offspring had more to do while their parents were gone than watch tv. Will you write about their dozens of romances?

P.S. Please assure everyone that the technical hitch had nothing whatsoever to do with the technical guru of our little quartet. :-)

3:51 pm  
Blogger Annie said...

Absolutely, Eva - sorry. The technical hitch was due to P&P spilling some wine over the photos - obviously! And if you're still not convinced, here's the absolute truth - I didn't want to put our technical guru to any further work on my behalf!

Brown, if you want a part 3 I suggest you move away from the computer and take a trip to South Africa yourself. I know P&P would welcome you with open arms - though they may take exception to your dislike of raw fish.

7:58 pm  
Blogger India said...

I think it's a salutory lesson to us all not to leave our kids unattended while we succumb to the demon drink...

8:39 am  

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