Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Get To Know You Questionnaire

Another collaborative post, this time thanks to Amanda.

Eva's responses to the first 6 (of 20) get-to-know-you holiday questions:
  1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
    Both are dairy based, so no way, josé! (Actually, I used to make my own egg nog, raw eggs and all. I figure salmonella makes a bout of lactose intolerance seem like a walk in a X-mas lit park. So perhaps I'm better off with a restricted diet.)

  2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
    He definitely does not wrap. The man, together with his elves, is much too busy for tape, paper and gift tags.

  3. Coloured lights on tree/house or white?
    For the past several years we've been journeying across an ocean for the holidays, typically staying three weeks at a time, which makes for a very unhealthy tree back home. So we've relied on my mother's tree, which boasts every colour in the rainbow. This year, back in Canada for good and in our own home with 10-foot high ceilings, a Christmas tree is a must, as are white lights...only.

  4. Do you hang mistletoe?
    Never. Being forced to kiss friends and family indiscriminately could very well take the charm out of the holiday season.

  5. When do you put your decorations up?
    I'm thinking now might be a good time. (This past weekend in Montreal we had our first significant snowfall. Utterly beautiful!)

  6. What is your favourite holiday dish?
    Nothing in particular, apart from the homemade sweets.

  7. India's responses

  8. Favourite holiday memory as a child?
    My grandparents lived in a huge and beautiful Tudor hall and one year I remember being there with all my cousins when Father Christmas came. All the lights were switched off, and we heard distant sleigh bells, then the door opened and he came into the firelit room. I was totally spellbound, and utterly convinced it was the real thing. Ours was the sort of untidy, busy (permanently gin-soaked) family that didn't usually get around to doing things like that, so it was very special and very memorable. He gave me a silver locket, which I still have somewhere.

  9. When did you learn the truth about Santa?
    What do you mean?

  10. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
    No, never! (well, I did once, but my brother told on me. I haven't since — honest!)

  11. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?
    With cutting-edge cool, of course. This year I've gone for an ironic-industrial theme, featuring glitter-sprayed used car parts tied on with lengths of electrical flex. (OK, I have an impressive collection of pasta-based Christmas decorations hand-crafted by four year olds. One year I'm sure I'll read in Elle Decoration that they've become the epitome of festive chic.)

  12. Snow! Love it or dread it?
    Love, love, love.

  13. Can you ice skate?
    No. But I can ice a cake.... does that count?

  14. Do you remember your favourite gift?
    The first Christmas I spent with my husband (before he was my husband and was just a sweet boy with a huge overdraft) we lived in a tiny, damp studio flat with no heating, and he gave me a pair of soft, stripey M&S men's pyjamas. These contrasted very sharply with the useless little scraps of peach satin and lace masquerading as nightwear given to me by previous boyfriends and I loved them — and him for his sweetness and practicality. (However, the Black and Decker sander he gave me the following year didn't go down so well, proving that too much practicality can be a bad thing.)

  15. Annie's responses

  16. What is the most important thing about the holidays for you?
    Time off work, good food, fine wine and selective company.

  17. What is your favourite holiday dessert?
    I'm a traditionalist so Xmas pudding, double cream and brandy butter.

  18. What is your favourite holiday tradition?
    Old family tradition — walking after lunch.

  19. What tops your tree?
    The fairy from the Christmas trees of my childhood.

  20. Which do you prefer — giving or receiving?
    No preference. I'm equally happy doing either.

  21. What is your favourite Christmas song?
    "Walking in the Air" sung by Aled Jones — taken from the animated film "The Snowman", which I watch over and over and over every Christmas.

  22. Candy canes — yuck or yum?
    Before Xmas pudd, cream and brandy butter — yum; after — yuck.

Now it's time to announce who we're tagging: Sue aka MsCreativity, Susan Stephens, and Brown.

And Happy Holidays to all!!!

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Blogger Amanda Ashby said...

Hehehehe - I live to tag!!!!!!

9:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nature must be on your side. This tag comes just in time for the chinook winds spreading through Edmonton, bringing the temperatures from a frosty -45 (celsius...celcius? It's too cold to even remember how to spell) to a balmy -1...People are frolicking sans winter jackets and my fingers have unfrozen sufficiently to type...brain also unfreezing, thank God, else I'd be mashing your answers together and claiming them for my own ("What's your favorite memory?" Well, I've been journeying across the oceans, but 5 years ago, I finally settled in a Tudor hall with 10 foot-high ceilings and last year, Father Christmas arrived (after our after-lunch walk), wearing M&S pyjamas, singing "Walking in the Air," and went straight to the kitchen, where he whipped up a Christmas pudding, double cream and brandy butter....just for the record, my favorite holiday tradition is one that I started 3 years ago and involves a heated mattress pad, mounds of goose down duvets and creating a little cave/fort thing that I disappear into until March...will post answers on my blog as soon as I finish this eggnog/rum drink...Eva, eggnog & hot chocolate severely over-rated, rum is the thing...

2:51 am  
Blogger Annie said...

I think, Brown, you have already indulged in the rum! Great comment!

Amanda, you have a sad life.

6:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annie, follow me on this:

alcohol is a natural disinfectant and cleanser -- each sip of rum kills all sorts of bad bacteria and viruses -- alcohol (not in stupid amounts, of course) is broken down by the body -- thus, alcohol is organic -- and by being organic, is environmentally friendly -- in small amounts, alcohol (red wine) is good for the heart -- a happy heart, makes for a happy body, which makes for a happy person, and if a person is happy, then the people around her are happy...

So, you see, by drinking not only am I doing something good for my body and the environment, but for the WORLD in general...really, I'm doing a service to mankind...gee whiz, now that I think about it, everyone who indulges should get some kind of award of medal for passing on the good vibes...gosh, I feel so warm and fuzzy for passing on all these good feelings, I should go an have some more eggnog...:P

4:55 pm  

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