Thursday, November 15, 2007

A tribute long overdue

Everlasting coverThe other day while browsing in a bookstore I happened upon the newest release of my first favourite romance author: Everlasting by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.

When I got home — I didn't buy the book, as I'm waiting to place an online order — I googled the author to see whether any reviews of the book had been posted. That's when I found out that she passed away in July 2007 at the age of 68, reputedly after a long illness.

I've written to other authors to rave about their work but somehow I never got around to thanking Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I should have dropped her a line and thanked her for countless hours of enjoyment, for heroines that inspired courage in me and in my own characters — I'm thinking particularly of Shanna from the book of the same name, and of Alaina MacGaren from Ashes in the Wind — for heroes that set my young heart to racing (mighty Wulfgar from The Wolf and the Dove, Ruark Beauchamp from Shanna, and Brandon Birmingham from The Flame and the Flower), and particularly for plotlines and prose that inspired me to pick up pen and paper.

Don't forget to thank your favourite authors. Although I'm sure they can imagine you curled up in an easy chair by the fire lost in a world of their creation — thanks enough, some might argue — I believe they'd nevertheless appreciate a kind word or two.

Thank you, Kathleen.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, it's always so sad when we lose authors. I'm sure she would have loved your tribute, and I will add her to me TBR list.

5:23 pm  
Blogger Marie said...

Thanks for the advise. I just sent an email off to my favorite author and told her how much I love her books.

10:33 pm  
Blogger India said...

Great post Eva. I must admit, I often put a book down and intend to contact the author to say how much I liked it, but life gets in the way and I rarely do.

Will try not to be so easily deflected in future, and thanks for a lovely tribute to a great author.

12:21 pm  

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