Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Looking forward, not back

I promised to wax euphoric about summer, in the wake of children returning to school, Labour Day, etc., but I've decided there's no need to belabour the past. We all have a list of our favourite things about the season, and I imagine yours may include some of my top items: hot, steamy weather, leather sandals, cut-off jeans, frocks worn with bare legs, faces adorned with mascara and nothing else, dining al fresco, barbecues, fresh farmers' produce, drinks with umbrellas, preferably enjoyed in the garden...

Oh, the garden! I'm going to miss my garden.

Lest my mood take a dark turn, I think it best to look ahead to autumn with high hopes. So here is my list of things to wax on about in coming weeks:
  • walking home at dusk— there's something about the quality of evening light in September/October, don't you agree?
  • the colourful array of leaves—gold, umber, scarlet—every year it's different
  • Halloween, of course, and excited children gobbling sweets (just as much fun over here as Bonfire Night in the UK)
  • planting bulbs and corms in hopes of spring splendour
  • digging out favourite coats, cardigans, sweaters/jumpers, wool skirts and slacks, and particularly that favourite pair of sexy leather boots
  • checking out the new fashions (and dreaming about buying yet another pair of sexy boots)
  • imagining curling up by the fire with a good book while the snow falls steadily outside (imagining, mind!)
  • Christmas shopping?
Care to add to the list?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hot Chocolate

Eggnog mixed with coffee

Fire roaring while we curl under blankets watching Northern Exposure

Seeing the kittens try to take down the Christmas tree

Cold mornings and warm blankets

The crunch of leaves under your feet

The smell of crisp mornings

8:11 pm  
Blogger Marie said...

Canning yummy stuff from the garden.

The smell of hot cinnamony apple pie made with apples that grew in my backyard.

The silence in the house when the kids are at school.

Geese flying in formation as they head south.

Fires in the woodstove.

Homemade chicken noodle soup.

5:08 am  
Blogger India said...


(With custard.)

11:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bbbbbaaahhhhaaahhhhaaa. Do you realize all of us mention food? No wonder we get along so well.

India, how could we forget puddings and custard?! Thank God you're here!!

Love the silence, Marie.

9:47 pm  
Blogger Eva said...

Great job, girls! I love the list!!

1:12 pm  

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