Sunday, January 14, 2007

Paths diverge

A lot has happened since we started Scribes' Sanctuary back in April of last year:
  • I (that's me, Eva): Received a stunning rejection letter from Harlequin Mills & Boon (Historicals), buoying me up as a writer but ultimately convincing me to return to historical fiction (as opposed to romance) or, alternately, to take up young adult fiction. In the meantime I resumed my contract writing business and I've been writing for hire ever since.
  • Annie: Became convinced romantic comedy might not be her niche — Annie, please correct me if I'm wrong — and had a recent but mercifully brief identity crisis (yeah, yeah, yeah, one of many, don't we know it!) but this time she had her friends here at Scribes to buttress her up.
  • India (last but not least): Realized the dream in September of 2006 by selling her first! book and is well on her way to becoming a successful Mills & Boon Presents writer.
So...some ups and some downs. Not so surprising in the lives of three writers. Now that you know what we have achieved this past year, the mystery surrounding our publishing chances (at least in the short-term) has dwindled somewhat. Thus, we have decided to invite another writer to join us. You all know her. She has been one of our most stalwart supporters and the most prolific by far.

Without further adieu, let us welcome Brown into our midst. May the journey together prove one of the best of your life, Brown. Though our paths may diverge, we shall always meet on common ground here. Forks in the road be damned!



Blogger Annie said...

You are quite right, Eva - about all of it. Basically, it's the romance I'm not sure about. I mean, I do like romance, I just don't like all that hearts and flowers stuff. The comedy - well, it's my favourite thing in life, so couldn't possibly give that up. Will let you know where I'm going once I've found the map and compass - and learnt how to use them.

11:47 am  
Blogger India said...

It's amazing how much has happened in such a short time. And that's without even mentioning Eva's impending trial for stalking the man on campus, my police caution and the restraining order preventing me from approaching Annie's son, or Annie's shoplifting charge.

(I wonder if anyone will work out that Brown is really a social worker and is coming over to keep us all in order?)

12:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...'ve got my occupation partially, yes, but a socialpath (as opposed to a sociopath)...but I would have to be, else how else would I fit into this group? OW! Okay, that's it. Could someone please take those boots away from Eva? Can I add an assault charge to Eva's stalking? And what emotional distress? I'm never going to get those boot marks off my baby blue and brown polyester leisure suit - and it was 100% polyester, too! Do you know how hard it is to find clothing that's a 100% anything these days?

India, I notice the explicit silence on Annie and Eva's husbands...come now, be honest. It's not A restraining order is it? It's restraining ORDERS, plural. Come now, be honest. You're in the presence of friends. And speaking of friends, Annie, love that ruby necklace you've sent. You really shouldn't have spent so much money on didn't....

12:56 am  

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