Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coveting the younger man

The other day while walking through campus, I fell in step behind a young man with glorious locks the familiar shade of ebony. He was perfectly coifed too, with the kind of hair that falls effortlessly into place (or so I imagine). My husband once sported a thick head of wavy black hair. I liked it best when he allowed it to grow long enough to curl at the top, perfect for running my adoring fingers through.

Nowadays he won't let me touch his hair for fear the last remaining strands will fall out. He's just as sexy as ever — there's no paunch to go along with the thinning hair, no missing teeth, no rancid breath. But the poor boy feels old. And I suppose he looks it now more than ever. Over the holidays, while a (hopefully) brief bout of frugality descended upon the household, preventing me from visiting the hair salon for my usual highlight job, I noticed more than a few gray hairs on my own 40-year-old scalp. Being a blond, it's not a tragedy, but still it's a sign of youth passing even when I feel just the same as I did in my twenties, strolling through another university campus with hardly a care in the world. Now I'm wiser, more confident, a tiny bit disillusioned, but I fancy I'll feel the same in ten, twenty, maybe even thirty years (should I be so fortunate).

Although surely by then, I'll no longer covet the crowning glory of a bold twenty-year-old male. Well, actually, I'm not so sure.

Tell me, does your hubby/significant other still fire your imagination (while we're still on that theme)?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My hubby fires just about everything for me. He too, went through thinning hair and decided to go totally bald. I was leary about it at first, but I must say, there's something very sexy about a bald man. Bald with very blue eyes. Unfairly blue, with thick, long, dark lashes. It's just not right. Here we are, forced to don falsies for our water sports, and he's got the whole thing because of lucky happenstance.

Add to that one of those very deep, baritone voices that can go even deeper depending on his mood. And a wicked laugh. Truly wicked. I know exactly what he's thinking from that laugh, everything from a giggle to something that I can't name but seems to wiggle under my skin and give me the shivers.

Don't fret the greys and whites interspersed between the blond. A beautiful woman like you? It'll only add to the charm, give the 20 year olds a reason to approach, "Excuse me, but I couldn't help noticing that grey strand. Is that a dye job? Surely you can't be old enough to have grey hair. Maybe I should take you out for dinner and we can discuss it."

Of course, you will have to be strong and resist the temptation of a five-star dinner...and you'll probably have to give back all the chocolates they give you...although that might really hurt their best send it to me. I'd say share it between Annie, India and myself, but the postage of shipping overseas. Exhorbant. Just send them all my way. Really, I'm only thinking of your finances...honest, not a glutton bone in my body....

7:01 pm  
Blogger Annie said...

My hubby most definitely still fires my imagination. Then again, he still has a full head of hair - yes, sorry, you guys, he really does. And, of course, being a man, the grey streaks only serve to make him look (more) distinguished.

As for my own head of hair, I'm afraid I have to confess to being a hairdressers' nightmare - I am pepper and salt and I don't care. (I'm also a poet - and I know it.) I tried having it professionally coloured in the past but couldn't justify spending the time nor the money and also felt sick from the fumes. I then tried colouring it at home and spilt some on the carpet. I tried reassuring my husband that it didn't matter, it would grow out, but he was having none of it. In the end we both agreed to let ourselves grow old gracefully and that is what we are doing.

As for lusting after younger men - I wouldn't call it lusting exactly, more making a considered appraisal through the eyes of experience, which, in my view, is far more enjoyable - none of that uncomfortable heart-thumping or embarrasing blushing, or getting my teeth tangled up with my brace if he deigned to talk to me. Just a relaxed, pleasurable, admiring look.

See, Brown, I too can ramble!

8:29 am  
Blogger Annie said...

Forgot to say - Brown, do you really want to be grey AND fat?

8:31 am  
Blogger India said...

Yes my husband does still fire my imagination.

But Eva and Annie's husbands fire it more....

(JOKE girls, honest! Wouldn't like any misunderstandings after the incident with Annie's son and the restraining order!)

10:36 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, thanks a lot.

As usual, I got up early to cater to the furry children. I know I should be firm about when they can wake me for breakfast, but at 21 (Smokey the cat), 14 (Buddy the Bernise) and 12 (Kaleb, the sheltie), they're seniors. And since I want to be catered to when I'm old and grouchy (as opposed to young and grouchy), I give in to their every whim.

So, there I am, shuffling into the study with boys in tow at 5.30 in the morning. Everythig's quiet, peaceful. I log on to the Scribes Blog to see what the latest shenanigans are, read these posts and lose it. The cup goes flying, the tea in my mouth shoots through my nose because I'm laughing so hard. I'm gasping, coughing, jerk out of my chair trying to stand and catch my breath. I roll the chair over Kaleb, who yelps, jumps up and crashes into Buddy, who slams all his 100 pounds into the shelves, causing a cascade of books and breakables to rain down on us all. Smokey (the resident dictator) leaps from his perch, freaks out the dogs who totally fear him, and then I've got Buddy trying to scale me, Kaleb hiding behind me and Smokey hissing his displeasure. Then pandimonium really broke loose.

I suppose I shouldn't blame you. I should know by now that having a mouth full of anything is a bad idea when reading this blog. But it's like I have no short term memory - or an inability to learn through pain (which would explain why I'm heterosexual - ba-boom-bah).

To answer your question, Annie, no I don't want to be grey and fat. But I do what to have white hair (I have a younger brother and watched a lot of superhero shows as a child) and I always loved Storm from the X-Men. And her white hair. Loved her white hair. So I'm willing to go through grey to get to the white. It's like the grown up version of puberty. The slightly awkward phase to get all the girly accessories...

And as for the fat, really Annie, didn't you read the post? The only reason I'm suggesting that Eva send me all the chocolates is that it's cheaper than posting to the UK. I'm willing to eat all that chocolate out of friendship. Friendship...honest, honest...gee, I'm I saying honest too often?

Thanks for the ramble. How's your son? India, tell me you've been a good little criminal and respected the terms of the restraining order...

1:38 pm  
Blogger Stacy Dawn said...

Oh yeah! One look and I'm a puddle.

Funny on the hair though, he still lets me run my fingers through it but won't grow it long enough for me to do so LOL.

4:01 pm  
Blogger Eva said...

So glad to hear you're all enamoured of your partners...glossy locks or no. Although, India, we demand more of a response. Doesn't he deserve more of a tribute?

6:14 pm  
Blogger India said...

Ah well, he knows I married him for the shallowest of reasons, Eva. He was totally beautiful.

Fortunately in 14 years he hasn't changed at all, really. His hair is neither grey nor thinning. His cheekbones (the real clincher) are as hard and high as ever, and he's still as flat of stomach and snaky of hip now as he was as that 22 year old boy.

Thank goodness. Or obviously I'd be spending my advance cheque on hair extensions and botox and be out trying to ensnare another one...

(am sniggering at the grotesque image that conjures up. Enjoy your breakfast ladies!)

1:03 pm  
Blogger Eva said...

Now I see from where all your inspiration is derived, India. Certainly not a grotesque image, that first one! (Shan't think of the second.)

3:51 pm  
Blogger Amanda Ashby said...

Yes my husband often fires my imagination. Why just the other day he put all the cups in th wrong cupboard, let the kids start painting while wearing their good clothes and then decided to step in some oil before walking on my clean floors. After that my mind was filled with lovely things I could do to him (What? Oh, mean THAT sort of stuff. I'll get back to you on that one...)

4:00 pm  
Blogger Annie said...

My son is now fully recovered from the mumps thanks, Brown. As for India respecting the restraining order - I guess if her face doesn't swell up within the next few weeks, I shall have to believe she's staying away. However, regarding her so-called 'joke' about mine and Eva's hubbies, we both know she's deadly serious - despite having an Adonis for a husband, India Grey is a well-known harlot. She calls it research. Ha!

12:23 pm  

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