Friday, June 09, 2006

Stamp of approval

Hey, girls, be sure to visit Romancing the Blog. (Again! Of course we check it at least once daily.) Scour the long list of authors' blogs. Guess who just made the cut!



Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Woohoo! Now that's what I call an achievement. Congratulations!

8:27 pm  
Blogger Stacy Dawn said...


3:03 am  
Blogger Annie said...

Are they mad?

Well done us!

Does this mean another tea and choccy biccy party?

4:01 pm  
Blogger India said...

Don't be ridiculous, Annie. This calls for a Pimms and strawberries party. Pass the mint...

8:41 pm  
Blogger Annie said...

Oh, okay, Imogen, if you insist (though I'm not sure how the alcohol will mix with my medicine)

2:39 pm  

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