Friday, June 16, 2006

Skulking in the shadows

Lately I've been waking at sunrise or 5 am, when only the birds and sun have any business being up. As some of you know, while we wait for our house sale in England to "complete"—we "exchanged" yesterday finally—we are living on the third floor of my inlaws' home. While my characters exchange witty repartee in my head, and dance around each other playing the mating game, I must lie still lest I wake the sleeping household. My fingers itch to write, tap or even scrawl by morning light but it is not to be.

Two computers sit idly by while my husband sleeps beside me. I imagine fumbling around in semi-darkness, strapping my laptop to my hip, and skulking downstairs. I described my dilemma to a writing buddy and she immediately emailed me back to portray me as a spy dressed in a white terry cloth bathrobe, carefully avoiding the loose floorboards of the two staircases, leaping nimbly from shadow to shadow, freezing in doorways lest I happen upon a fellow resident in search of a glass of water, my eyes wide and brow furrowed—all in an attempt to find a quiet surface on which to perch my Toshiba.

I suppose you've done it, Imogen and Annie: finally convinced me that rising early is the only remedy for a writer beseiged on all sides by life's myriad demands. I can't wait to have my office back. Virginia Woolf wasn't kidding!



Blogger India said...

Well done Eva and welcome to the Dawn Chorus Club. (It's like the Mile High Club, but the only sex that takes place is onscreen.) Your word count will soar as your tiredness and grumpiness increases.

Get over to Natasha Oakley's blog if you want to see the Big Girls in action. She's currently experimenting with staying up ALL NIGHT.


(She does also have 5 children...
Double respect.)

7:42 pm  
Blogger Stacy Dawn said...

**raises hand** I'm definately part of that club. As much as I really DON'T want to be, membership isn't optional.

12:15 am  
Blogger Annie said...

Welcome indeed, Eva. I agree with Stacy that membership isn't optional and with Imogen, that sex most definitely is.

For me, it's the only time of day when I don't have anything else going on in my mind and can totally focus on my book - that precious time before I start having to think about the day's practicalities (like remembering to replace next door's dead goldfish before they get home from holiday and ensuring that its body is no longer floating in the downstairs loo - wouldn't you think a modern-day toilet would be capable of flushing away a few centimetres of fish?)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes - early mornings - even though I'm tired when I force myself from my bed, after about 10 minutes I start to wake up, whereas if I tried to stay up late at night, I'd simply be getting more and more tired. I really don't know how Natasha Oakley will manage it, though I guess trying to avoid having child number six might be a fairly good incentive!

7:31 pm  

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