Friday, April 28, 2006


I've got a secret.

Don't tell anyone else....

But I'm hopelessly ill-travelled. In sharp contrast to Eva, who's on first-name terms with half the globe, I've spent my life getting intimately acquainted with every aisle of my local Sainsbury's and have considered a trip to a new mother and toddler group as the final frontier.

Anyway, none of that matters now, as I have discoverd Google Maps.

Honestly, check it out. I am now in a position to describe my heroine's motorbike ride from St Tropez town to Pampelonne beach in minute, loving detail. I hesitate to describe myself as a true armchair traveller however, as the computer is still heaped bizarrely in a corner of the kitchen while I perch uncomfortably on the arm of a battered, cat-furred sofa. I suppose not many people can justifyably call themselves 'sofa-arm travellers' though.

Which is a claim to fame. Of sorts.



Blogger Annie said...

Once you're published, Imogen, you'll be able to travel the world and get paid - provided you claim it's research!

11:55 am  
Blogger India said...

Damn! You guessed my cunning plan!

(just the small obstacle of an acceptance stands in my way...)

2:57 pm  
Blogger Eva said...

Imogen, have you checked out Google Earth? (You may need to buy that new computer first.)

It took me a while to realize the satellite photos are not, I wouldn't see my kid playing out back in the garden.


6:50 pm  

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