Monday, April 24, 2006

Word Count Tracker

Since one of us is experiencing PC/Internet technical difficulties, and the other appears to be offline as well, I thought I'd contribute once again. Note that we've added some word-count trackers to the right column of our weblog (the zokutou word meter is cropping up all over the net, particularly with the aspiring writer set).

I'm currently working on Chapter 7 of my latest novel with apparently 32% of it complete, Imogen is starting afresh after just sending off her full manuscript two weeks ago, and Annie is fine-tuning her romantic comedy—or is it comedic romance?—in preparation for submission to agents. I'm not sure how we'll track Annie's progress but Imogen promises to get underway with her new novel just as soon as the kids return to school after the Easter break. I can't wait!



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